AIF Design Architects was founded in 1991 by Cobus du Plessis, a very talented, innovative and extremely creative Professional Architect.

Due to the rapidly expanding architectural design requirements, Emile Slabbert joined Cobus in 1998, adding value to the company as a Professional Architectural Technologist.

In 2007, Wendy Coetzer joined the pair bringing a wealth of experience and ambition as an Interior Designer, when it became clear that the quest for creative Interior Design was on the uprise.

The company has since grown into one of the most sought after Architectural companies in the country who offer a full suite of designs, customised to even the most discerning and perfectionistic clients' requirements. We specialise in upmarket and/or energy efficient homes, and have completed projects nationwide that are authentic, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and modern or classic - whichever is required - the interior, as well as the exterior.

We also design commercial properties, warehouses and shops, and we are currently working on Phase 1 of a 2 000m2 Ski Resort in Maluti.

We work closely with our clients and present 3D presentations of all proposed projects, until our clients are completely satisfied; and then we continue to work closely with the building and other contractors to ensure that our projects are completed timeously and exactly as we envisioned it.

AIF Desing Architects are Members of the following Professional Bodies